Concert Casse-tête napolitain, Festival de musique l’Abbé Idéal

The 25 July 2024



The abbey of Saint-Michel en l'Herm will be opening its doors to music from 22 to 26 July 2024, for the second edition of the "Abbé Idéal" festival.


A musical investigation

A storyteller, 8 musicians, instruments from a very distant era, a plot from the South of the Botte... Plunge into the heart of the investigation with the Par Chemins ensemble, who offer us a delightful show, constructed with erudition and a smile, accompanied by a musical repertoire typical of the 17ᵉ century.

With soprano, alto, cello, positive organ, percussion...

Running time: 1h15


Availabilities and booking


Visits languages

  • French

Prices / opening times

  • Basic price : 12,00 €
  • Individual tariff reduced : 8,00 € - Étudiants, demandeur d'emploi, personnes en situation de handicap
  • Children's price : 5,00 € - Enfant de 5 à 18 ans. Gratuit - 5 ans


The 25 July 2024
Jeudifrom 18h30