Les impacts humains du changement climatique


The 15 June 2024


What are the human impacts of global warming? Researcher François Gemenne will provide clear answers at the conference.


For a long time, climate change was seen as a strictly environmental problem affecting ecosystems. Yet the human impact is considerable, even if it is not always well understood. We now realise that the major issues of the 21st century - security, migration, development, public health and agriculture - will be profoundly affected by climate change.

This conference will provide an opportunity to take stock of the main human impacts of climate change, showing that the fundamental challenge in the fight against climate change is not so much to change the climate as to keep the Earth habitable for everyone.

The event is open to all and free of charge.
Information and registration required at entreprise.maif.fr/climat

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The 15 June 2024
Samedifrom 19h00