Passage de la flamme olympique

The 04 June 2024


Fireworks to end the day in style


The Olympic flame, which has just left Athens, will be in the Vendée and more specifically in our region on 4 June.

This event is unique in the history of L'Aiguillon-la-Presqu'île, and that's why it's so important to celebrate it.

To mark the occasion, the town is organising two special events.

An Olympiad
The first is aimed at schoolchildren from the Sud Vendée Littoral community of communes. Around 500 children will be taking part in the Olympics. They will be spread out over 5 major sports sites in L'Aiguillon-la-Presqu'île: the Park, the Bélugas beach, the city-stadium, the lake and the wake-park. 16 different activities will be on offer, from beach rugby to céci-foot, from skateboarding to pétanque, from paddle to athletics....

We'll be welcoming youngsters from the morning onwards, and the aim is to get them involved in as many different activities as possible, without any competition, just for the fun of it, the joys of sport and the pleasure of being together.

The Giant Relay
The second event is a giant relay that will follow the torch relay. It will start from the Chardons beach and cross the two villages, with forest, beach, road and harbour sections.

This 9km race will include short relays. So you don't need to be a great sportsman, it's just an opportunity to celebrate in our own way the Olympic spirit and the values that drive our region.

From 7.15pm in the Parc de la Presqu'île: skate and roller show with international athletes
8pm: musical entertainment with the Roller Brass Band, the world's only roller skating brass band!
At 8.30pm: breakdance demonstrations with top athletes
Lucky (Lucas Pereira Freitas) - High-level athlete, member of the French Breaking team / French Breaking Champion 2021 - BboyFrance Champion 2022 - Bronze medal at the French Cup 2022

Nasty (Nathanael Etouke) - Top-level athlete, member of the French Breaking team / Bronze medallist at the 2023 French Championship - BboyFrance Champion 2018 - BboyFrance Vice-Champion 2017

Mike (Mickael Pecaud) - Director and Choreographer Supreme legacy / Champion BboyFrance 2018 - Vice-Champion BboyFrance 2017 - Champion R16 France 2012

Where is it (Arnaud Ousset) - Champion Trophée Master 2023

At 11pm: fireworks from the Parc de la Presqu'île

A firework display

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The 04 June 2024
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