Art et Nature à la Réorthe – Jeu de piste

Distance: 14 km
Duration (average): 3h00

Adapted to:

By foot





The first objective is to immerse you in the world of Art, to introduce you to Artists you meet in the street whose works are within everyone's reach! Stimulate your curiosity by associating them with places of interest in Reorth: you'll be asked to solve riddles and wander the beaten track in search of clues!

We called on 2 friends (Mr Poêlefeu and Mr Puysec) who decided to create a museum of natural art in La Réorthe.
Mr Poêlefeu has a strong character and is an outstanding organiser, while Mr Puysec, an artist at heart, has a masterly eye for harmonising the decor!
The day of the inauguration arrives: everything is in place. Each work, with its name, the name of the artist, the name of the place, its size and its technique.
But nature decided otherwise!
On the morning of the big day, everything is mixed up... To progress in this treasure hunt, you'll need to solve the riddles using the QR codes on the signs, which you can reach by following the map (also available by QR code and on flyers available from the town hall).
The most important thing: be observant!
Use your logic to decipher the codes and help our 2 friends to be ready for the opening: a route designed in 12 stages to follow; 12 stages, 12 missions combining walking and transport!