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Chardonnay and Negrette are two friends who live in Rosnay.

They love to play and joke together

Chardonnay is looking for Negrette as she’s made an escape!

Can you help this cheeky bunch of grapes find where her buddy is hiding?

Oh dear, Chardonnay has forgot her glasses… She hasn’t got her head screwed on!

We’re counting on your help to guide and show the way to find this little madam Negrette.

You’re going to wander the village streets accompanied by our friend Chardonnay… Open wide your eyes and ears and watch out for tractors and cars whilst crossing the road.

Don’t forget to take suitable clothing if the temperature gets a bit chilly and wear your trainers or welly-boots.

Ready to embark on the adventure? Go to the car park across the road from the school to meet Chardonnay (free parking).

And we’re off...

This walk accessible every day and for everyone.

It was created by the ‘Sud Vendée Littoral’ Tourist Office and will enable you to discover the vineyards and the heritage of Rosnay.

  • Types : buckle


  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Length : 1h
  • Starting commune : ROSNAY
  • Arriving commune : ROSNAY