Duration (average): 1h00
Start: LUÇON


There are ghosts in Luçon, as there are everywhere else... Do you have any doubts?

Can you help one of the town's oldest ghosts? It's the ghost of a barber, a profession that used to be widespread in towns like Luçon. For centuries, he has been looking for a customer who left without paying him after shaving his moustache - a very influential man, according to his memories! And he shaved some great men!

Be careful, it's going to be a tough job, especially as he sometimes goes a bit mad and loses his head... We're counting on you to help him remember and give him a well-deserved rest!

You'll be wandering the streets of Luçon, accompanied by our ghost Barbabier... I hope you won't be too scared.... Take a good look around you and watch out for cars when crossing the streets. Put on your rollerblades, skateboard, scooter, trainers and cap and head for the car park in Place Leclerc, opposite the cathedral.

Don't lose your bearings with our ghost - he can walk through walls, but you'll have to go through doors!

Come on, let's get started!

This walk is open to everyone, every day. It was created by the Sud Vendée Littoral Tourist Office and will help you discover the must-sees in the town of Luçon.