This trail, in the heart of the Marais Poitevin, will allow you to discover a magical landscape, typical of the dried marsh and you'll be able to observe different bird species.


The Marais Poitevin has a unique natural heritage characterised by a high number of migratory waterbirds. The first Vendée Nature Reserve was created in 1972 in Saint-Denis-du-Payré. This 207-hectare protected area aims to protect migratory birds and the wet grasslands in which they live. You will be able to observe more particularly herons, storks, egrets, avocets...

  • Types : buckle


  • Distance : 38 km
  • Starting commune : SAINT-DENIS-DU-PAYRE
  • Arriving commune : SAINT-DENIS-DU-PAYRE
  • Type of land : Greenway