Five Oaks hike (Cinq Chènes) (Saint Hilaire-Du-Bois)


In the heart of a green nature, you will take hollow paths and dirt trails to crisscross this commune and discover the typical riches of the Vendée bocage.

After passing through a few villages, you will contemplate a majestic oak multicentenary, with five peaks You will also walk by the pond of Brélézières, then see the Château de la Sicaudière.

  • Types : buckle


  • Type of itinerary : Walking
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Length : 4h
  • Distance : 11 km
  • Marking : VERT
  • Starting commune : LA CAILLERE-SAINT-HILAIRE
  • Arriving commune : LA CAILLERE-SAINT-HILAIRE
  • Type of land : Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Points of interest
Saint Hilaire du Bois

The town probably owes its name to the woods and coppice surrounding it to the south and to the west, perhaps also to the multitude of trees that cut its territory into small orchards. The patron saint of the commune is Saint Hilaire, bishop of Poitiers, who died in 367.

The orchards (Les Vergers)

The inhabitants of La Caillère-Saint-Hilaire, the Caillerots have always known how to use the fertility of their land, which offers all year round many fruits: cherries in spring, then pears, peaches and apples in autumn, as well as grafted nuts and chestnuts .

The Oak Jay (Le Geais du Bois)

The Oak Jay is a large and beautiful bird, recognizable by its colorful plumage, with black and white striped head. They call it the Forest Watch. At the slightest danger, it alerts all the inhabitants by uttering a shrill cry, both raucous and piercing varying according to the cause of the alert.

The seigneuries

As of the Middle Ages, the archpriests of Pareds enjoyed important rights. They had political power and sought to rely on notables; larger franchises were granted for trade. Having become rich, these merchants acquired financial and legal burdens that often made them enter the nobility. They built beautiful houses, around which they owned a small estate with orchards and woods.

The Castle of the Sicaudière (Le Château de la Sicaudière)

Located on the edge of the road from Saint-Hilaire-du-Bois to La Jaudonnière, this manor house is not the only one in the municipality. La Caillère owned two others, La Salière and La Bréchoire.


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