Sold 2 times a year in packs of 5 or 10 kg Organic Maraîchine and Charolais beef or veal


The health crisis shows that our actions as citizens must be essentially local. Farm produce from our regions can have meaning and a strong intrinsic value.

By buying our organic meat from the Maraichine or Charolais breeds:
- you are helping to maintain the natural wet meadows of the Marais Poitevin.
- you are encouraging the practice of extensive grazing, with animals adapted to their environment.
- You are supporting organic farmers in a difficult economic climate.
- you are helping to preserve the flora and fauna, water and air,
Our selling prices are competitive compared with conventional channels. If our approach becomes widespread, the costs of restoring the quality of water, air, soil and biodiversity will be lower for the public.

For those of you who live further away, we can send your precious parcel(s) by Chronofresh express delivery, at your expense, with advance notice of the delivery date and time slot. Remember to specify this when you place your order.
Depending on where you live, Sophie can arrange for some of you to share the transport of your parcels. Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any difficulty in getting to the farm or if you agree to deliver one or more parcels near you.

A few reminders and news:
All our livestock is certified organic All our calves are reared with their mothers. With the maraichine breed, we produce real 3-year-old steers. Our cattle feed consists of grass, hay from natural wet meadows, salt meadow hay (Mizottes de la Baie de l'Aiguillon), alfalfa and organic polder cereal mixes. The farm produces all its own feed. The Charolais is a more common and less hardy breed than the Maraichine. The 2 breeds are reared in the same way. Charolais (excluding offal) is offered at a lower price. Packages of the 2 breeds have the same composition.

Our partner BG Viande in Nalliers (85 370) takes the greatest care in cutting and labelling.

The cuts are vacuum-packed individually, checked and packed in boxes, all categories combined, by an approved laboratory. Individual labelling (cuts, weight, date, breeder) ensures infallible traceability.

On farm sales days, the LPO can set up a stand and offer you one or more birdwatching opportunities on the farm (with spotting scopes provided). This way, you can take advantage of your purchases to discover the farm's natural heritage and the "Paysans de Nature", "Des Terres et des Ailes" and other initiatives.

Nous organiserons ces après-midis dans le respect des mesures sanitaires et gestes barrières. Nous comptons sur la responsabilité de chacun

  • Free tasting session (individual)
  • Groups accepted ( minimum : 9 - maximum : 31 )
  • Types : meat
  • Sales on private property


  • Agriculture Biologique (AB)


  • French


Visits languages

  • French


  • Length of visit : 1 h 30 (on average)

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Means of payment

  • Credit card
  • Cheques and postal orders


Open all year round