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The church of Saint Nicolas was classified as a historical monument in 1906. It is in the 9th century that we found the first wooden sanctuary, burned down in 853 by the Normans. Marais Poitevin, dry marsh.


It is here that in the 12th century, the Saint Nicolas Church was built in a roman style. During the 14th century, it was decided to build todays bell tower in the middle of the church. The church has a greck cross shape, and has a short nave, a transept, a choir and a semicircular apse. The belle tower has an octogonal shape and has a square base is flanked with bell turrets. It four facades have three decorated windows. From the roman era, there are lateral walls and the transept arched with a broken barrel vault. Each gable has a high window splayed. The base of the tower bell has three bays with cross-ribbed vaulting. In 1968, there were fragments of paintings of the walls from the Middle Age that were discovered.

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