Les Jardins de William Christie

Recognised as a "Remarkable Garden" and listed as a Historic Monument, this exceptional site is at the heart of the Les Arts Florissants Foundation project. The illustrious conductor William Christie drew his inspiration from Italian and French Mannerist and Baroque gardens, among others.


Set around a seventeenthᵉ century dwelling, this garden was created in 1987 by conductor William Christie, who drew his inspiration from Italian and French Mannerist and Baroque gardens. Boxwood parterres, yew and hornbeam hedges and linden tree mails follow one another in terraces, forming an architecture that is as skilful as it is seductive.

Of particular note are the cloister planted with yew and roses, the chinoiserie theatre of greenery, the boxwood embroidery, the rustic pergola and the rose garden. A water mirror surrounded by plane trees completes the ensemble.

Visitors can stroll through the Cour d'Honneur, the Terraces, the Boschetto and its collection of umbrella pines and cypresses, the Cloister and its boxwood squares, the American Garden and the Red Garden. Visitors will also discover the vegetable garden and orchard, as well as the Water Mirror and its rockery stone constructions, evocative of Baroque Italian grottoes and nymphaeums. In William Christie's gardens, parterres of boxwood, hedges of yew and hornbeam, and mails of lime trees follow one another in terraces, forming a skilful architecture. Another impressive feature is the Théâtre de Verdure, a Chinese-style theatre of greenery.

Smoking is not permitted in the garden.

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  • Types : park and garden


  • Jardin remarquable


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  • French
  • English


  • Length of visit : 1h30 (on average)

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  • Full adult price : 5,00 € - Gratuit - 12 ans. Sans réservation (paiement uniquement en espèces)


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From 11 to 29 September 2024
Mercredi 10h30 to 17h30
Jeudi 10h30 to 17h30
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Samedi 10h30 to 17h30
Dimanche 10h30 to 17h30