The Casse de la Belle Henriette Nature Reserve is a rich and rare natural area, a precious witness to the natural mechanisms of formation and evolution of the sandy coasts. Guided tour possible in July and August.


"Created by a ministerial decree on August 31st 2011, the Belle Henriette National Nature Reserve covers 337 hectares on land and at sea between La Tranche sur mer and La Faute sur mer.

The reserve is managed by the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) and the AFB (French Biodiversity Agency) in partnership with the FDC85 (Fédération Départementale des Chasseurs de la Vendée) for the hunting management and public awareness components.

The integration of the reserve into the local socio-economic fabric (maintenance of beach access) and the adaptation of uses are central to management. The main objective of management is the protection of exceptional and sensitive natural heritage. Biological monitoring makes it possible to improve scientific knowledge, adapt and evaluate management measures. The co-managers and the management partner also aim to raise awareness of the natural wealth of the reserve, in particular through communication media and field trips.

On this coastal site, which is subject to frequent and rapid changes, public safety on roads and beaches as well as the protection of property and people (dune barriers, dikes, etc.) remains the responsibility of the State and the municipalities.

The mission of the reserve team is to ensure compliance with regulatory provisions. Indeed, while traffic, sports, cultural and leisure activities are always possible, they can only be carried out to the access roads and beaches. Dogs are allowed to circulate on the developed roads and on the beach on condition that they are kept on a leash. Fishing is prohibited in the lagoon and brackish water areas. On the foreshore, fishing on foot and fishing activities are authorised in accordance with the regulations in force. Hunting, authorised by way of derogation, is regulated annually by a specific prefectoral decree.
In particular, the following are prohibited by ministerial decree:
the circulation of motor vehicles,
the harvesting of plants,
the harm or disturbance of animals,
waste disposal,
the fire, the camping and the bivouac"

  • Animals acceptance : tenus en laisse uniquement


  • Natural area
  • Natura 2002
  • Nature Reserve Voluntary or National

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