Trail des Charrières


"Between plain and marsh, this trail offers landscapes of wooded meadows and open spaces. The Charrières circuit (hollow path that can be used by a cart) runs along the limestone plain to take you to the "wet" marsh. From spring, the Cuckoo, the European Oriot and the Yellow Sparrow will accompany you with their songs...
This tour lasts about 2 hours and 15 minutes. During this one, you will be able to discover different natural places. Like the pond, the bocage meadows of the marsh, the false iris, the bastard iris, the Bot Bourdin canal, the Communal, the stork platforms, the frog-bit, the red-backed shrike or even the Caillebotte's cart."

  • Types : buckle


  • Type of itinerary : Walking
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Length : 2h
  • Distance : 8.3 km
  • Marking : Jaune
  • Starting commune : LES MAGNILS-REIGNIERS
  • Arriving commune : LES MAGNILS-REIGNIERS
  • Type of land : Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Points of interest


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