About Us We are the Tourist Office of South Vendée Atlantic. We operate as a French-registered “Société Publique Locale” (SPL) under the name “Sud Vendée Littoral Tourisme”. The “Communauté de Communes Sud Vendée Littoral” is the company’s majority shareholder (97%). The SPL is managed by a Board of Directors composed of elected representatives. Laurent Huger is Chairman of the Board, which receives the support of a technical committee made up of professional consultants.

The company’s head office is located at 4, Route de Luçon – Rond-Point de la Delphine – 85580 SAINT-MICHEL-EN-L’HERM, France.

The SPL’s geographical scope covers 43 municipalities and operates via a network of 7 tourist office outlets and 1 Nature Information Point. Another SPL, “La Tranche-sur-Mer Tourisme”, completes the coverage of the Communauté de Communes Sud Vendée Littoral territory.

The tasks of the Tourist Office of South Vendée Atlantic are carried out by a team of 14 permanent employees who are assisted by seasonal back-up staff.