South Vendée Atlantic is bursting with culinary delights: restaurants, local specialities and locally-grown produce. Whether you are looking for a place to take a break, have a drink or eat a tip, there is always a bar, a restaurant to welcome you.

Restaurants for every appetite

In South Vendée Atlantic there are restaurants and outlets to satisfy every palate, however big or small your appetite: From gourmet restaurants to brasseries, from bistros to oyster bars… Enjoy your meal!

Quality produce to tease your tastebuds

The region is bursting with a whole spread of foods from the land and the sea which you can enjoy in our restaurants or purchase from local producers or at our markets: the famous Préfou, a succulent garlic bread speciality; fromage frais from a local goat dairy; traditionally-made jam; deliciously sweet Céleste melon; oysters and tidewater mussels; Mareuil wines and Kamok, the inescapable coffee-based liqueur, not forgetting the “gâche” Vendée brioche and mogette beans…

As an epicurean, you’re sure to find something to your liking!

Pubs or bars to quench their thirst

If you want to take a refreshing break during the day or if you prefer the hushed atmosphere of a pub at the end of the day, the Destination South Vendée Atlantic will necessarily have a place to seduce you.