WALKWAY “LA DIGUE EN TERRE” (The Earthy Embankment)

La Digue en Terre- 9km


Cranes, from the Welsh word "grug" was formerly an island surrounded by the sea. The sea gradually retreated. However, the nipple remained surrounded most of the year by the waters of the Lay. One of its arms still passes between Grues and the hillside of Saint-Denis-du-Payré. From this limestone mound you can discover the vast stretches of marsh with, to the south, cereal crops, to the north and west, natural meadows.

  • Types : buckle


  • Type of itinerary : Walking
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Length : 3h
  • Distance : 10.3 km
  • Marking : Jaune
  • Starting commune : GRUES
  • Arriving commune : GRUES
  • Type of land : Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Points of interest
Saint Nicholas' Church

This church recalls the presence of the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint-Michel-en-l'Herm. According to legend, the church stones were brought by the fairy Mélusine.

The Lay embankment

The high earth embankment that guarantees against the floods of the Lay takes different names according to the farm it protects: Booth Grolleau, dike of the Etais, dike of the Clos Vieux.....

The reed beds

The Old Lay’s Reed extends over about 4 ha. This reed-shaped amphibious habitat hosts a very rich and hidden fauna, such as the Paludicole passerines: the Bouscarle de Cetti, the Reed Sparrow and the most talkative, the Scararvate Rousserolle.


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