Nestling in a small valley on the outskirts of Mareuil is the Bois des Tours: a haven of cool, refreshing shade!


This elongated 12-hectare woodland follows a grassy valley that splits into two valleys bordered by rocky slopes. Chestnut hillsides and pinewoods dominate the Lay valley
Lay valley, while the bottom of the valley shelters a beautiful wetland. A stream runs through its entire length and joins the Lay. The site is well-equipped for walkers and offers a wide variety of easy walks. Small passerines, such as the red-pink bullfinch and the discreet locustelle, which can be seen creeping through the grass, inhabit the area. In spring, flowers such as the jasione and the ornithope adorn the
the wood with a thousand colours.

At the entrance to the two valleys, visitors will find car parks and picnic tables.

Sloping down from the heights of the Mainborgère towards the furrows of the Yon, Graon and Lay rivers, the Mareuil area has been one of the main wine-growing strongholds of the Vendée for over a thousand years. Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais is the capital of the vineyard, which extends over nine surrounding communes.

Fauna & flora to watch: Little owl, Spotted locustelle, Holosted stellar, Mountain jasione, Peony bullfinch

  • Animals acceptance : chiens tenus en laisse


  • Sensitive natural area

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