The Maison du Maître de Digues is an emblematic place in the Marais Poitevin: it was here, in the 17th-century, that the water management was organised. Take the time to see how the dyke changes through the seasons, listen to the marshland sounds, and imagine what it was like to work here as a “recalou”…

Then, pop into the past: go inside the official dyke supervisor’s accommodation, now an ecomuseum. Discover the dike supervisor’s living conditions, profession and lifestyle, and his key role in water management and the maintenance of the marsh.

For the families : children go in search of Margaux the water fairy (game booklet for 7-12 year olds)!

For an original and interactive visitor experience, you can also use the Baludik application: equipped with your smartphone, go step by step to become an apprentice dike supervisor! (translated into English).

From April to September, some local animal breeds (Poitou donkeys and Poitou goats) can be seen at the site.

Allow approximately 1 1/2 hours for the tour.

Guided or self-guided tours according to the timetable.

English translation and visits with guides available.

The dike supervisor, an often unknown orchestrator. After visiting this site you’ll understand the full importance of controlling water levels in the marsh. A museum where you’ll learn a lot and discover the emblematic animals of the Marais poitevin on a walk outside. Our thanks go to the staff for their kindness and their professionalism.

Catherine, a Marais poitevin explorer