Walkway - Les Ardillers - Easy - 11km


Lairoux comes from Leiros which could mean "swampy". The village of Lairoux dominates the flooded marsh of the Lay Valley and is located on a limestone peninsula bordering the major bed of the Lay. This trail offers a variety of landscapes, natural wet meadows, limestone coasts, plains and shaded paths.

  • Types : buckle


  • Type of itinerary : Walking
  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Length : 4h
  • Distance : 11 km
  • Marking : Jaune
  • Starting commune : LAIROUX
  • Arriving commune : LAIROUX
  • Type of land : Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Points of interest
The Gorgeais Observatory

Located in the village of Gorgeais, on the edge of the communal, the observatory allows you to admire a landscape of 245 hectares of natural wet meadows. in optimal conditions of observation, this communal will enchant you with its spaces of exception: flooded in winter and offering lodging and cover to migratory birds.

The Black-tailed Barge

Present almost all the year, this bird uses the communal in pre-nuptial period. Its reddish orange plumage of spring beautifully colours the sky. Its long beak and long legs are easily recognizable.

Saint Peter's church

Culminating on one of the highest points of the ancient peninsula, it was originally a priory dependent on the Abbey of Saint-Michel-en-l 'Herm.


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