The largest body of water in the Marais Poitevin. The Etang de la Sablière is the result of sand mining.


A veritable jewel in the crown of cultivated meadows, the Etang de la Sablière is located in the municipality of L'île-d'Elle on high limestone ground. In addition to the 8-hectare portion developed by the Departmental Council, the pond is divided into a number of small private properties.

The history of this site is unique, as the pond was created from an old sand quarry that was filled with water in the 19th century. With a total surface area of 16 hectares, it is the largest lake in the Marais Poitevin. Its original perimeter features wooded borders and islets, while the tail of the pond is home to a veritable phragmitaie. This environment is particularly attractive to the black-crowned night-heron, a small, discreet wader that finds a quiet place to hide, the marsh harrier, recognisable by its characteristic flight over the water, and the aptly-named reed bunting, which has found a favourite spot here.

You can also spot the marsh thelypteris, otherwise known as marsh fern, the broad-leaved berg or the white water lily... These are the characteristic marshland plants that make up the originality and richness of this unique site. A jewel in the crown of the Marais Poitevin, this area is popular with nature lovers and anglers alike.

Fauna & flora worth seeing: Black-crowned night heron, Marsh harrier, Purple heron, European otter, Reed canary

  • Animals acceptance : chiens tenus en laisse


  • Sensitive natural area

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