Right in the heart of the Luçon plain, the Forêt de Barbetorte is teeming with astonishing flora and fauna.


The Forêt de Barbetorte is typical of the southern Vendée. It is located in an area of cultivated fields, facing floodplain meadows and the communal area. The land is very fragmented and the forest is partly owned by the département and partly privately. It takes its name from Alain I, known as Barbe Torte (with the braided beard), the first Duke of Brittany, considered to be the founder of historic Brittany.

The Barbetorte forest is a beautiful woodland covering a total of 85 hectares, located in the middle of the Luçon plain. The site is renowned for its ecological richness, and in particular its herpetological interest, with reptiles and amphibians being particularly common. These include the magnificent red-legged frog, the famous pharmacist's snake, the Aesculapian snake and a number of orvets.

These woodlands are typical of draining, drying limestone soils and also include vast oak groves and wide bridleways, allowing walkers to discover this astonishing site.

Black chickweed, also known as marsh chickweed, and willow inula, whose flowers are reminiscent of those of the dandelion, adorn this woodland area with their varied, deep colours.

Fauna & flora worth seeing: Black chickweed, Willow-leaved inula, Aesculapian snake, Orvet, Red-legged frog

  • Animals acceptance : chiens tenus en laisse


  • Sensitive natural area

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