Vente à la ferme, Elevage La tonnelle

Direct sales of free-range, grass-fed lamb and ewe lamb, in parcels.


At the bergerie de la Tonnelle in SAINT DENIS DU PAYRÉ, we offer a range of mutton dishes.

Our animals are reared primarily in the open air, feeding solely on grass. Changing the plot of land every week or even every 15 days ensures that the grass is rich and nourishing, and is used exclusively for feeding.
However, lambing takes place under cover to protect the lambs from predators, and during the day they go out into the open air in the pastures adjacent to the farm.

The lambs are reared with their mothers and also fed on grass. Depending on the season, they will be supplemented with a farm mix of flax.

Our animals undergo health checks and are cut up in a local workshop, BG Viande in Nalliers.
* Lamb meat:
In 8 to 10 kg boxes, each piece is vacuum-packed and labelled.

* Ewe meat:
Plain and herb sausages - merguez - vacuum-packed in packs of 5.
Sliced leg of lamb for grilling, vacuum-packed in packs of 2
Minced steak vacuum-packed in packs of 2.

Finally, we respect the reproduction cycle of the ewes, which is why we only offer 2 sales a year: 1 in June and one at the end of July and beginning of August.

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