Want to try a water activity with a difference? South Vendée Atlantic offers a host of original experiences to be shared in or on the water.

Haul in, steer and skipper!

Fancy tacking, spending a few hours on a boat trip, or going on a long cruise, visiting deserted beaches, admiring unspoilt nature and the mirages on the calm sea…?

Aboard a yacht, such as a 12-metre Sunshine 38, follow in the wake of your skipper, Alexandre. Step aboard, learn the principles behind the billowing sail and let the wind carry you in exceptional surroundings worthy of a picture postcard. It’s not far at all, just take the wooden pontoon at the little port of La Faute-sur-Mer and descend the River Lay all the way to the ocean to appreciate the full splendour of South Vendée Atlantic.

Above all, Vogue avec Louise offers a nautical discovery, a lesson in sailing on a journey with a lover of this natural haven. You can also choose to meet some of the locals and spend a day experiencing life as a fisherman, a mussel farmer, an oyster farmer, etc.

A wonderful introduction to sailing! 3 hours of pleasure, as you take the helm and experience sensations that won’t disappoint you, and admire the beautiful setting sun. We’re sure to return for other experiences, like the overnight cruise with a night on board at Saint-Martin-de-Ré.
Laurent, a ship’s boy won over

New horizons in a sport boat

The most exotic way of getting to the opposite shore is by the speedboat shuttle, which can take you just across, or further afield: Pointe d’Arçay, La Rochelle, Île-de-Ré, Île d’Yeu, Île d’Aix or Île d’Oléron… More than just a means of transport, it’s also a high-speed experience!

In or out of the water, go on, jump!

On the lake at L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer, plenty of fun awaits children and adults on an aquatic trail that’s all the rage: the Splash Game. Trampolines, climbing walls, logs that roll on an axle, ejector airbags… Does that remind you of something? That’s right, it’s like a scene out of Total Wipeout on the M6 TV channel. Will you rise to the challenge? Join the fun with your family or friends!

Again at L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer lake, the more intrepid can leave the water and climb up the Warrior Game ropes! Unique in France, this demanding agility course requires strength and balance. Nets, swings, rings and knotted ropes to challenge you, whatever your level. Indeed, the four different courses are colour-rated by level of difficulty. Will you succeed in completing the course?

In at the deep end!

Swirling swimming pools in South Vendée Atlantic! Indeed, our swimming pools are hives of activity, like the Port-Océane pool in Luçon where you can enjoy sessions of aquafitness, aquabike, circuit training or aquathlon (swimming, cycling and running). Or if you just want to unwind, the relaxation area offers you a zen experience in the hammam, sauna or jacuzzi. You can even enjoy a massage. Young children and even babies can appreciate the water thanks to waterbaby sessions and water play features.

If you just want a good swim, don’t hesitate, head for the pool at Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais or Sainte-Hermine, or the Auniscéane pool at La Tranche-sur-Mer.

Some of our pools propose swimming lessons for beginners or for swimmers wishing to perfect their technique, as well as life-saving sessions. These are also open to adults, and there are flipper-swimming lessons too, as well as sessions aimed at overcoming a fear of water. In summer, the swimming school also proposes lessons at the bathing area in L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer.

If you prefer seawater, try sea-wading. This activity is a great energy-booster. It’s good for your heart, your balance, your abdominals and your back muscles, and can be enjoyed by anyone and in any season. Let’s go! You start with water up to your knees, walking in short, quick steps. This is a good cardio workout and it’s great for the thighs too. Go in up to your waist and it becomes harder. Here we go! Run, move in single file, then walk… backwards! Now if that isn’t an original watersport…!

A typically Poitevin nautical activity…

The “plate” is a traditional Marais Poitevin punt and the ideal way to discover France’s second biggest wetlands. And there are three places where you can embark on an adventure in the maze of canals of the Marais Poitevin and on the River Lay: the Guétreen at Le Gué-de-Velluire, the Tri-Mar at Triaize, and the Port des Gabarres at Mareuil-sur-Lay-Dissais. All three sites propose rentals of punts, canoes and pedaloes, and even stand-up paddles in some cases! From elsewhere

So choose your vessel, put on your lifejacket, place your snack in the waterproof container, and off you go… Oh yes, a piece of advice: put your smartphone on mute and sharpen your senses, as it’s not unusual to come across European otters here… and they don’t like electronic ringtones… They prefer a gentle “cooee”…


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