South Vendée Atlantic is a great destination for sports lovers, so put on your trainers and try our best jogging itineraries!

Now, sports lovers and joggers fall into two categories. There are those who think: Maybe I should take up a sport again? Yes, but your head instantly fills with questions by the dozen… Which sport? How often? How can I make the effort a pleasure? In other words, is it actually possible to FINALLY enjoy going for a run? Then there are the sports addicts who take their trainers everywhere in case they can fit in an outdoor session!

New to jogging? Running addict?

Whether you’re a sports beginner or a seasoned runner, South Vendée Atlantic is THE destination for places to run!

For a Sunday morning jog or a long-distance run, there are dozens of ideal spots: by the sea on the beautiful, vast fine-sand beaches, in the forest, across the fields, on the tarmac or on the footpaths… So there’s something for everybody!

gravel and grass

For those looking to combine the pleasure of running with the joys of nature, Les Guifettes lake at Luçon makes a lovely spot. If you come by car, cross the little bridge over the Bot Bourdin and park on the little car park. The path is right there on your left. From there, on gravelly and grass-covered tracks, you can do the 4.5 km circuit around the lake, where you’ll come across horses and cows grazing on the municipal marshes (in high season)…

My advice: take this route when the sun is coming up; the landscape is beautiful with the reflection of the sun on the water…

Bonus tip: You can extend your trip to Triaize via the cycle path (further south),… It’s quite an experience in windy weather!


In South Vendée Atlantic, experiences are for sharing… So we highly recommend an excursion in the forest of Sainte-Gemme-la-Plaine! There’s a beautiful central alley and three signposted paths, with varying degrees of gradient, that can be used all year round…

My advice: if you don’t like running in straight lines, you can switch from one path to another and head into the heart of the forest to see some fantastic scenery, whatever the season. (Wear good running shoes and, in autumn, beware of tree stumps hidden dangerously under the fallen leaves!).


Or, if you’re looking for wide open spaces, head for the Plage de la Barrique at La Faute-sur-Mer, where you can warm up on the fitness trail before continuing your journey along the beaches of fine sand! Wet sand or dry sand, you’ll find whatever conditions you like best.


Steep paths…

Now… If you’re more adventurous, you might want to make your running session a little more challenging. For example, by taking the winding paths around Château-Guibert; with its rolling hills and steep slopes, this is an ideal terrain for trail-running enthusiasts!

Decided to bring your trainers? You’re on the right track in South Vendée Atlantic!


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