Apiculteur, Le miel de Maya

Honey producer, swarm gatherer


Production and sale of honey with a wide range of 6 to 8 different honeys, including honeys from different flowers and single-flower honeys.

Manufacture of by-products, our new product in 2021 meets a strong demand for sugar-free products.
We've called it "Fruit'omiel", which is a slow, long cooking of different fruits in honey. The result is a very low-sugar, spreadable fruity product that is suitable for most diabetics.

Our by-products also include honey sweets, honey caramels and honey vinegar, not forgetting superfoods such as pollen and propolis. We also make gingerbread to order.

Finally, you'll also find handmade soap made at the honey house. The soaps are not made with caustic soda, but with a vegetable washing base to which honey or propolis is added.

  • Free tasting session (individual)
  • Types : bee products
  • Sales on private property


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