To the north of Mareuil-sur-Lay, a dense network of rivers and streams from the La Chaize forest give rise to the Lac du Marillet.


On the outskirts of the village of Château-Guibert, between its various branches, you'll discover a beautiful natural site with a variety of landscaped paths.

The hillsides, made up of meadows and moorland, are very dry. The particularly poor subsoil explains the almost Mediterranean flora.

The songs of the European oriole and the nightingale give this site a particularly lilting ambience in spring, while the kingfisher traces a shimmering blue arc over the water. The wings of the numerous dragonflies, like those of the imposing brown orthétrum and the mountain avens, are like sparkling dots on the lake.

This is a favourite spot for walkers and anglers alike. Between Château-Guibert and Mareuil-sur-Lay, the départementale 60 is a listed "route verte" (green route), offering magnificent views of the southernmost part of the lake.
Swimming is not permitted.

Fauna & flora worth spotting: Orthétrum brun, Fougère aigle, Loriot d'Europe, Sarcelle d'hiver, Rossignol philomèle


  • Sensitive natural area

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