North of Mareuil-sur-Lay, a very dense network of rivers and streams from the forest of La Chaize carries onto the lake du Marillet.


It is on the outskirts of the village of Château-Guibert that we discover between its various streches, a very beautiful natural site decorated with various developed paths.

The slopes, made up of meadows and moors, are very dry. The particularly poor subsoil explains the presence of a flora with almost Mediterranean aspects.

The songs of the European oriola and the nightingale philomela give this site a particularly musical atmosphere in spring, while the kingfisher draws a bluish arc shimmering above the water. The wings of the many dragonflies are all glittering points on the lake, such as those of the imposing brown orthétrum or the eastern dryade.

Walkers and fishermen will find their favourite spot here.
Château-Guibert is one of the nine municipalities of the Mareuillais, one of the main wine-growing regions of the Vendée. Classified as a green route, the departmental road 60 offers between Château-Guibert and Mareuil-sur-Lay
very beautiful views of the southernmost part of the lake.


  • Sensitive natural area

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