Concert LBLK

The 29 July 2024




LBLK is the story of 2 sisters who have been rapping and singing since childhood. Brought up on gospel, Congolese rumba, rnb and rap, they grew up in Rennes. After a stint on the Rennes rap scene, they decided to form their own duo in 2020 and recorded their first EP, Noires sœurs. Since then, they have played some thirty dates, including the Festival Urbaines, Vagabondages & compagnie, the QGDT and the Wadada Festival. Today, LBLK are working on a new project to assert their identity and style, a cross between conscious rap and egotrip, blending the dark world of drill with Afro melodies. In their songs, they showcase their love of writing by talking about their experiences and the place of women in society and in the rap world.

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The 29 July 2024
Lundifrom 21h30