Concert Manu de Nars

The 05 August 2024




After several years with the group EPSYLON, and driven by the desire to reveal more personal things, it was a collaboration with GAUVAIN SERS in 2020 that encouraged MANU DE NARS to embark on his solo adventure. A first EP was released in December 2021, featuring 6 songs that synthesise all the singer's influences: pop, rock and chanson. A personal record, in the language of Molière, accompanied by catchy, catchy melodies. April 2023 saw the release of a second album, L'amour triomphe de tout. An album of six heartfelt songs that speak to us and do us good. The songs take on their full dimension in concert, supported by 4 musicians who are no strangers to the stage. An overflowing, generous energy that brings people together and touches their deepest core.


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  • French

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The 05 August 2024
Lundifrom 21h30