At the first rays of sun, all we want to do is get out the barbecue, eat outside, go for a picnic... So, armed with tablecloth and ice-box, off we go in search of the best possible spot!

South Vendée Atlantic is a great destination for picnic fans, offering countless magical spots. All the towns and villages have picnic areas with tables. You’ll be spoilt for choice! So, fancy a picnic? No problem my friends, I know just the spot! Tell me, do you prefer a quiet, shady area or somewhere near a beach where you can swim after your siesta?

Picnic in the green

A brief description to help you choose. First of all, if you’re looking for tranquillity, go to the Bois des Laves at La Taillée. It’s a fishing paradise and it’s well-known for its calm surroundings. There’s a little canal alongside these woods. You’ll find a lovely grassy area and a few picnic tables. But here it’s much nicer to spread out your checked picnic blanket (or any other picnic blanket!) and enjoy the soothing calmness… I can imagine you protesting… “Yes but the children want to go swimming!”

Lunch at the beach

OK, in that case I know another great place under the pine trees and a stone’s throw from the beach, on Boulevard de la Forêt at La Faute-sur-Mer. You can picnic there, at a table or on the ground. It may be a little noisier, but if you really want to take a nap, the soothing sound of the ocean will help! And those who want to will be able to swim (don’t forget to rest your meal first), fly a kite or play ballgames or frisbee, on the beach or in the shade of the pines.

Picnic in the pine forest at La Faute-sur-Mer

Picnic with a difference

Looking for a more original place to picnic? In that case, why not go to the middle of the vineyard? In Rosnay, at the Conservatoire de la Négrette, around forty rows of this ancient grapevine variety are cultivated and safeguarded. Or you might choose the forest at Sainte-Gemme-la-Plaine where you can go walking or horseriding after your picnic.

Whatever your preference, your ideal picnic spot is waiting for you to find it in South Vendée Atlantic.

So what good food are we putting in the picnic basket? Make the most of your picnic to discover or re-discover this Destination’s local produce.



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