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11 centuries of history under the open sky. Take a guided tour of the gardens, boiler room, chapter house and refectory. Beaches of the southern Vendée and the hinterland.


The abbey was founded in 682 AD on a limestone islet. Following the Concordat of 1516, it became a royal abbey. A journey through time and the birth of the Marais Poitevin.


In 682, at the request of the Bishop of Poitiers, Ansoald, monks from Noirmoutier came to build the abbey of Saint Michel en l'Herm on one of the limestone islets in the Gulf of Pictons.

It suffered Viking invasions and was destroyed and rebuilt many times over the centuries. As a Benedictine abbey, it had a rich and eventful history, with alternating periods of misfortune and prosperity, due in particular to the draining work undertaken by the monks on the surrounding marshes and the generosity of Savary de Mauléon, a leading Poitou figure, who turned it into a fortress.

It became a Royal Abbey after the Concordat signed in 1516, and was headed by a number of high dignitaries, including Cardinal Mazarin. But troubled times plunged the abbey into decline, despite the presence of monks from the congregation of St Maur.

No monks lived there after the French Revolution. In 1818, it became private property and has now been in the family for two centuries.

But through the gardens, the chauffoir, the chapter house and the refectory, you can approach history and take a journey back in time to the birth of the Marais Poitevin.

Guided tours only to discover the eventful history of the abbey.

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