Birdwatching enthusiast!
Nature tourism expert. If you’re looking for the ideal birdwatching spot, she’ll find it for you.
Right-hand man for social networks and the “Welcome c’est Beau Ici” brand.

Let’s get to know her...
Peggy, Who are you?
- Mogette bean toasties,
- Taking my boys birdwatching,
- The colours of spring.

- Forgetting the Préfou when friends come over for drinks,
- Winter without a hearth fire,
- Mobile phones going off in a restaurant or at the cinema.

Her obsession...
Putting off till tomorrow what she could do today.

Peggy reveals her favourite things to do at Saint-Denis-du-Payré.
If there’s one show you shouldn’t miss in South Vendée Atlantic, it’s the arrival of the...