It is under the episcopate of mgr Baillès in 1850 that the construction of a catholic secondary school for all of the Vendée was decided. In 1850, the location of it was outside of the town to be able to start the industrial and territorial expansion due to the port renovation. The implementation of this project was given to the diocesan architect, Emile Boeswilwald.
The place opened in 1856 and grew up North in 1869 and the chapel that defines the "Richelieu court" was finised in 1882.
After the seperation of the State and Church in 1905, the school was transfered to La Roche-sur-Yon and the locals welcomed a big diocesan seminar. During the first wold war, the school welcome a military hospital, the seminar stopped in 1972.

  • Types : historic site and monument