Initiation et mini tournoi de basket inclusif – BaskIN

The 23 June 2024



Demonstration and introduction to inclusive basketball with BaskIN France Inclusion as a shared value through sport for all


Trisomie 21 Vendée and BaskIN France, two associations promoting the inclusion and participation of everyone in society, are joining forces to raise funds and promote inclusive sport in the Vendée, through their joint participation in the connected version of the 2024 Heroes' Race.
The concept? Heroes pledge to collect donations for the chosen charity, in order to get their number and take part in the sporting event.
The next connected version of the Course des Héros will take place on Sunday 23 June.
At the Gymnase des Commées in Luçon, you'll be able to take part in a BaskIN initiation and demonstration day.

What is BaskIN?
BaskIN is an inclusive sport inspired by basketball. It is made up of different adaptations so that "able-bodied" players and players with disabilities form a single team. It is played on a basketball court with 4 baskets of different heights. Each player is assigned a role number from 1 to 5 according to their motor and mental abilities. In defence, it is forbidden to attack a player with a lower number.

10.00 am: Welcome
10.30am: Cooperative Tour ice-breaker games
11.00am: Introduction to BaskIN and its rules for novices
12.15pm: Lunch, social time and team formation for the tournament
2.15pm: Tournament
1st period: demonstration by players from several BaskIN teams
2nd round: mixed teams, experienced players and newcomers
5.00 pm: end of tournament

  • Types : sporting event

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The 23 June 2024
Dimanche 10h00 to 17h00