Whether you’re an adrenalin addict or prefer a smooth ride, you’ll find your ideal activity here.

Paddleboard, sandyacht, sea kayak, waterski machine, kitesurf, Hawaiian dugout, windsurf, catamaran, etc… What are you waiting for? Tame the elements, be they liquid or air, enjoy new thrills and make new memories with beach sports and watersports in South Vendée Atlantic.

Our Destination offers a vast range of beach and watersports that’ll put a smile on your face. Adrenalin seekers or would-be sailors, here you’ll find the activity of your dreams.


All year round, Kite Surf Vendée invites you to learn the techniques of this boardsport on the sheltered waters of Pointe d’Arcay opposite Île de Ré. The other advantage of this sport is that it’s open to anyone weighing over 30 kg and there’s no age limit. It can of course be physically challenging but with Gérard you’ll feel as if you’ve just grown wings.

This secret spot is an absolute marvel that deserves to be discovered at 360°. With kitesurfing, every viewpoint becomes accessible, unlike windsurfing, where the view is obstructed by the sail.
Gérard, your skilled and kindly qualified instructor at Kite Surf Vendée.


If you prefer to stay on terra firma, you can start off with a kite or even get the feel of it with a traction wing! The long beaches of La Faute-sur-Mer are perfect for this type of activity!

Harder, better, faster, Rider!

Looking for thrills of an even bigger kind? Then head for Atlantic Wake Park! Wakeboarding, kneeboarding, waterskiing or waterskating… guaranteed fun! And with these sports, the icing on the cake is that you don’t need to know someone with a speedboat and cable. Whether it’s your first attempt or you’re practising your technique, style or figures, you’re towed by the waterski machine (similar to the draglift when you’re skiing) on a dedicated stretch of water. With your feet attached to a board, you’re ready to try the modules, ramps and obstacles.

Opening this facility on the lake was a great idea. When we discovered this wonderful place, we naturally had to try it out… After a few nosedives, we decided the kneeling position was a better idea. It’s physically challenging but highly enjoyable. I recommend it!
Patrick, a kneeboard convert at L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer


Experiences across the board

  • With sandyachting you’ll be soothed by the sound of the wind as you watch the dunes whizz by. You calmly take your place in the bucket seat for a solo ride or in pairs. Wet sand whistles under the wheels, the spray caresses your face and the sea air fills your lungs… Carpe diem! Our long beaches of fine sand provide the ideal playground and leave you feeling as free as a bird. You’ll feel like a pilot, thrills and all!
  • For a total change of scene, try a Hawaiian dugout canoe. Rowing in unison with your group, the conviviality and the team effort take you where you want to go. Ideal for boosting relations!
  • Les exotic but original nevertheless, sea kayaking is suitable for all age groups. The vessel is adapted to seafaring and safe for recreational sailing off the beaches of La Faute-sur-Mer.

  • Or, aboard a catamaran, learn to steer, hoist the sail and stay on course as the wind takes you gliding over the waves. Superb sea excursions near the mussel beds and mussel-harvesting boats.
  • Windsurfing, also known as sailboarding, is another excellent boardsport for learning to understand the wind and how to harness it. It is an all-round sport as it requires balance, so your abdominal muscles work hard to keep you on the board while the sail challenges your biceps. Perfect to get that summer body and show it off when you’re back on the beach, without even having been to the gym!
  • Still not satisfied? Accompany your friends or family in their activities by trying a Stand-Up Paddle (or SUP). On the sea, in a river or at the swimming pool. Standing or kneeling on a long board, you glide along paddling as you go, without forgetting to admire the landscape. To make it more fun, try a giant stand-up paddle! Enjoy!

As you’ve gathered, in South Vendée Atlantic you can brave the natural elements or experience new sensations on the water! Impossible to get bored.