The church dates from the late 12th century. Its triple bell tower is unique in Europe.


This building comprises a nave divided by a transept and a square choir. The semi-cylindrical apse dates from the 1770s. The choir and bell tower date from 1771. The entire church (nave, transept and chancel) must have been covered with a stone vault. In 1621-1622, the Huguenots used cannonballs to knock down the north wall and the bell tower. The north transept was not rebuilt until 1840. It was also at this time that the stone vault of the bell tower was removed to build the one you see today. The church was restored again in 1966.
The façade, with its three blind arches, was redesigned.
The present steeple was probably built around 1780 by a Journeyman of the Tour de France, who first built it on the ground, then dismantled and reassembled it. Its triple-chamfered frame makes it unique in France and Europe. Its silhouette can be seen from afar in the marshland.

  • Types : historic site and monument

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