Le Pré de la Smagne

The Pré de la Smagne offers magnificent wet meadows ideal for relaxing.


Below Sainte-Hermine and at the foot of the château, large floodplain meadows border the Smagne, a tributary of the Lay. These 6 hectares, planted with poplars, chestnuts, willows, alders and ash trees, provide a calm and relaxing spot in the heart of the town. Walkers can enjoy a picturesque stroll from the town of Sainte-Hermine, crossing the river on a charming footbridge and letting themselves be carried away by the rustle of the poplars.

On these large wet meadows, they will discover the water mint, a flower recognisable by its characteristic scent. And of course there's the wagtail, which wanders between the river and the wide open spaces in search of small aquatic insects.

Fauna & flora worth spotting: Common ash, Aquatic mint, Purple loosestrife, Brook wagtail, Philomel nightingale...


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