Festi bière

The 15 June 2024



Festi bière - #Edition 2


FC2 Sud Vendée is organising a double event on the same day in Chaillé-les-Marais. After the Trail, it's time for the Beer Festival.

Starting at 6.00 pm, the Festi Bière will begin with a BANDA, followed by a concert by the Rochelais group KOÏDRA and DJ RUNO LA CAMIONETTA at the end of the evening. A refreshment bar run by the brewers and our volunteers will be on hand.

6.30-8.30pm: Banda El Grupetto
9.00-11.30pm: Koïdra
11.30pm: R Uno, La camioneta

On-site catering: French fries/grilled meats/boards + Food Trucks

Three craft breweries:
-La Rieuse/Smeel/Mélusine

  • Types : festival

Prices / opening times


The 15 June 2024
Samedifrom 18h30