Hiks with a water level above the waist with and without paddle, starting from the nautical center, Belugas beach.


"Excellent activity for the heart, balance, abdominal and back muscles, it is done all year round. To protect yourself from the sometimes freezing ocean temperature, all you have to do is put on a suit (not necessarily sexy but effective against the cold!). Anyway, once the cardio starts to go up you don't even think about it anymore! Immersed to your knees or chest, you walk gradually in small, fast strides. The thighs and cardio then work hard. With water up to the waist, the effort is intensified. You run, line up and walk backwards (when I was talking about finding your balance!). "When I walk, or run, on dry land it's the same thing except I'm not wet! "you may say. Well, I would answer that in water the joints do not suffer! That your body is lighter when immersed in a liquid! And then in cool water at 12 or 16°C, you burn more calories and the venous return is activated. Which makes it an ally against cellulite!
Not convinced? Once in the water in front of the immensity of the ocean and the beach with a group of happy sportsmen, you will spend an especially good time!"

  • Types : nautical base or club

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Open all year round