Walk in waist-deep water, with or without a paddle, starting from the nautical centre, Plage des Bélugas.


An excellent activity for the heart, balance, abs and back muscles, it can be practised in all seasons. To protect yourself from the sometimes freezing temperatures of the ocean, all you need to do is put on a wetsuit (not necessarily sexy, but effective against the cold!). In any case, once your cardio starts pumping you won't even think about it! Immersed up to your knees or chest, you gradually walk in short, fast strides. Your thighs and cardio system will then be working flat out.

With waist-deep water, the effort intensifies. You run, queue up and walk backwards (just when I was talking about improving your balance!). "When I walk or run on dry land, it's all the same except that I'm not wet" you might say. Well, my answer is that your joints don't hurt in the water! Your body is lighter when immersed in a liquid! What's more, in cool water at 12 or 16°C, you burn more calories and the venous return system is activated. Which makes it a great ally against cellulite!

Once you're in the water, facing the immensity of the ocean and the beach with a bunch of happy sports enthusiasts, you'll have a great time!

Every Tuesday and Sunday - REGISTRATION REQUIRED

  • Types : nautical base or club

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