Distance: 3,5 km
Duration (average): 1h30 1h30 1h30

Adapted to:

By foot



Start: LUÇON
Urban circuit
Circuit urbain pouvant se pratiquer toute l'année. À chaque saison, les jardiniers du jardin Dumaine parent les massifs selon une nouvelle thématique.


Luçon, an ancient port linked to the Baie de l'Aiguillon by a canal, is best revealed on foot: follow our circuit of streets and squares at your own pace. Let the episcopal city reveal all its charms to you...

Explore four centuries of built heritage as you stroll through the streets of Luçon. Since the 17th century, nobles, canons, merchants and craftsmen have all lived here and left their mark. From the Renaissance to Art Deco, your journey through time will take you from alleyways to squares, where sacred and secular art will reveal the evolution of the episcopal city of which Richelieu was the 25th bishop.

The route we suggest sometimes follows the same path as the "historical markers" (10 markers scattered around the town) or that of the Association du quartier du Bourgneuf. These will provide you with additional explanations to those in this document.

Points of interest