Walkway Gilaud woods


The village of Saint-Denis-du-Payré is located on a peninsula of the Gulf of Pictons, this route will offer you a panoramic views of the marsh before driving you through the woods. The word "Payré" meant "passage empierré" which once served as a means of communication between the Talmondais and the Luçonnais.

  • Types : buckle


  • Distance : 9 km
  • Marking : Jaune
  • Starting commune : SAINT-DENIS-DU-PAYRE
  • Arriving commune : SAINT-DENIS-DU-PAYRE
  • Type of land : Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Points of interest
Saint-Denis' church

The choir dates from the 11th and 12th centuries. The village owes its name to the saint of the same name who, according to legend, after being beheaded, returned to the village from the farm of Malvoisine with his head under his arm. You can discover a representation of the Saint above the pocket of the church. His head is on the opposite facade.

Stork Platform

It allowed the installation of the first stork couple in the Vendée in 1977.

The National Nature Reserve Michel Brosselin

The village is home to a National Nature Reserve that protects 207 hectares of communal meadows (partially flooded in winter and spring) traditionally farmed on extensive pasture. Its observatory is one of the best equipped in Europe: about 120 bird species are recorded every year.


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